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Welcome to the Image Resource Facility

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Welcome to the Image Resource Facility


Welcome to the Image Resource Facility (IRF), a core facility resource of St George’s University of London. The IRF provides support as well as a high standard of service to the university researchers, St. George’s NHS Trust and other academic institutions in a wide range of bioimaging disciplines.

First established in 1979, recent organisational changes to the former unit has extended the facility now offering a unique set of equipment and techniques available to benefit researchers in one single space. This allows the user to investigate via analysis of images from histological samples to cells and molecules using both high specification light and electron microscopy.

The IRF organisation is structured in 3 main areas:

  • Light microscopy, electron microscopy and a sample preparation laboratory. The light microscopy section provides advanced bio-imaging technology - including epifluorescence, confocal laser scanning and time-lapse microscopy - for the analysis of fixed and live cells and tissue specimens.
  • The electron microscopy section houses a scanning and a transmission electron microscopes providing structural analysis of molecules, tissues and cells at the sub-cellular level at nanometre resolution.
  • The sample preparation laboratory is equipped for specialised histology techniques, resin and wax embedding processing and various microtomes for semi and ultra-thin sectioning as well as specific electron microscopy sample preparation techniques.

The IRF provides hands-on training with expert scientific and technical support from our core staff for optimum digital image collection and has a leading role in the formation of biomedical and medical students by offering workshops and training for student research projects. All new users must first complete our Registration form and complete a training session with one of our core staff members to be able to use the facility equipment and microscopes.

If you feel your project could benefit from a specific microscopy technique, we would be very pleased to hear about it and happy to help you with the requirements for your project. For more information, general inquiries and booking training please contact Maria McGlynn at


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